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Why Women Destroy Nations

January 19, 2019 18:15 UTC

Just leaving this here. It was banned from YouTube months ago. Very important.

Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed

October 6, 2018 20:55 UTC

Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to be an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The new rules just won today.

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. 

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May 26, 2018 15:55 UTC

I have been following Tommy Robinson for a number of years, but not very closely. I had a passing understating of what he was doing and what he was up against, but only recently did I realize just how tyrannical the police state in the UK had become. It's truly shocking. I spent a fair amount of time in the UK and have some very good friends there. I wonder how aware they are of the depths of this considering the latest UK blackout of everything Tommy Robinson.

Listen to Tommy -- in his own words -- explain what has happened to him and his family over the last several years as he's fought to speak about the Islamic problem in the UK and Europe in general. Keep in mind, this interview is being conduct by independent journalist Brittany Pettibone, who herself just experienced the UK police tactics up close and personal (it's why this interview takes place in Vienna).

OK... so you can just call Tommy a liar and discount everything relayed in that video and just assume every hit piece (like this one) ever written about him is spot on. Or assume JUST HALF of it is true. JUST HALF. JUST HALF should send shivers down the spine of anyone with even a passing appreciation for freedom.

I started looking in to Tommy Robinson a bit more over the last 24 hours because he was arrested again -- this time for the HORRIBLE DISGUSTING ABHORRENT crime of simply reporting on an Islamic grooming trial (that's the religiously motivated raping of girls and boys by Muslims). And now his arrest is being memory-holed across the internet.



The Smart One is Pro-2A

May 19, 2018 02:33 UTC

Reading the tweets of the anti-gun Parkland activists is painful. Some of them can barely put a sentence together. The smart one from that school backs the 2A and our freedoms in general -- and that is not at all a surprise.

Most leftists (not Democrats -- LEFTISTS) are just not that smart. The smarter ones are the leaders and are generally evil -- at least as far as I can tell. As the smarter ones increase their experience points, they either become fully evil or they realize the error of their ways and leave the left behind for more libertarian/conservative pastures.

Parkland Activists Launch Attache On Trump, NRA. Kyle Kashuv Flattens Them.

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POTUS - Getting Stuff Done

April 7, 2018 14:22 UTC

President Trump was not my first choice. I had serious reservations about his commitment to his new found conservative positions and the baggage I suspected he'd be carrying. To be fair, I was likely a victim of the type of false narratives that the MSM and NeverTrumpers were shoving down our throats since he won the primary, but that is just as much my fault as it is theirs. With that said, I am very happy with his performance so far especially considering the soft coup that has been in full effect since his election (coup-1, coup-2, coup-3).

What I think has struck me most, even though I don't agree with all of his moves, is that he's actually getting stuff done! From tax cuts (with which I agree) to tariffs (which I do not), the man is putting work in, sticking to his promises as best he can, and showing results. I hate that he signed the Omnibus monstrosity (Ted Cruz explains why), but there are some rumblings out there that Trump (and the GOP... ha ha... yeah right) may still be playing hardball (1974 Impoundment Act). Time will tell.

The last few days has been a brilliant example of how the Trump administration gets stuff done. They do it in quick, calculated bursts of activity to get in front of some of the narrative shaping by the media. First we have Trump signing the proclamation authorizing the National Guard to the southern border on Wednesday. On Thursday we have nearly 100 illegal aliens arrested in one of the largest ICE round ups in years (notice the headline says only "immigrants" -- narrative shaping). On Friday, POTUS signs a memo ordering an end to "Catch and Release". And finally today we have signs some states are moving on the National Guard.

Boom, boom, and boom. This will resonate with his base while further demonstrate to those would be illegals that it ain't easy anymore.

Getting. Stuff. Done.

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California Insanity

January 19, 2018 04:52 UTC

Cali AG 

This is the California Attorney General. He effectively warned all California based businesses that if they cooperate with the Federal Government with regards to ICE deportations (he claimed "privacy") that they could be subject to legal action against them from the state. So it's now illegal in the State of California to follow federal law.

This is insanity. The leftist argued and were backed by the SCOTUS that matters of immigration are exclusive to the FEDERAL government (see Arizona). Now that that federal government is implementing the law, it's now a state issue. This is pure lawlessness and very dangerous. A state is effectively nullifying federal law. This can lead to very very bad things.

‘We will prosecute’ employers who help immigration sweeps, California AG says

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Ambassador Haley Drops the Mic

December 22, 2017 16:34 UTC

Nikki Haley is turning out to be one of President Trump's best picks for his administration. She's been a strong force for his America First Agenda in the UN (a baller... an OG... pick you're "cooler" phrase). Here she is straight up threatening the world with pulling our sugar daddy money. Right on Ambassador Haley! Right on!

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It's So Unpresidential!

November 22, 2017 13:18 UTC

POTUS blasted LaVar Ball today... and rightfully so. LaVar Ball is an ass and deserved to be called a fool. What I don't understand though is all the hand-wringing by "the enlightened" about this being unpresidential and taking up too much of POTUS's valuable time.

Please. He spent all of 90 seconds at 5:30am smacking this ungrateful A-hole down. Not only does it seem presidential to me, it's quite efficient.

Some are even saying it's racist what he said (because he called a BLACK MAN A FOOL). Whatever.

Donald Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to Twitter -- and Twitter knows it.

The Left Is Eating Itself

November 20, 2017 13:02 UTC

And I'm sadistically enjoying it.

Black Female Writer For Lena Dunham's 'Girls' Quits. She Says Dunham Is A Racist.

The US is becoming more and more like Kurt Schlichter's People's Republic every day. And that's kind of scary.

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They're Cracking

November 18, 2017 03:24 UTC

The host of the midnight edition of ESPN's SportCenter is upset about his network's hemorrhaging viewers. I think it's funny because he kind of halfway threatened anyone "talking shit" (his words, not mine). You can't continually insult a majority of viewers and expect good things to happen.


ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Slams Network Critics

AG Sessions Appears Owned

November 14, 2017 18:03 UTC

I don't know how else to explain it. One can continue to put AG session up on some mythical pedestal of impartiality, but after this last back and forth with Rep. Jim Jordan (R - Ohio), Sessions seems owned -- totally Swampified it seems.

IMHO, Trump needs to let him go. The Swamp got him.

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Stinking Political Hunting

November 14, 2017 13:06 UTC

This entire Judge Roy Moore situation is starting to look very very sketchy to me. A lot of it makes little sense, but this latest yearbook thing really challenges my belief in all of these poor ladies' stories.

Judge Roy Moore Signature A Fake?

And this analysis of the Allred presser... Geez. Hard to know what to believe, but it stinks to high heaven.

Body Language: Roy Moore Accuser

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CBS Not Expecting This

August 18, 2017 00:47 UTC

Something tells me that CBS wasn't expecting these answers. Just listen to the baiting, loaded questions. Jeesh!

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High-T Bad Transgender Good

August 6, 2017 18:10 UTC

This is insanity. Has the left really gotten themselves to a place where a real, no shit, chromosome-based FEMALE who happens to have a higher than typical testosterone count is banned from sport, but a transgender person is not? Lord help us.

This Is Getting Interesting...

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Death Wish Looks Fun

August 4, 2017 13:25 UTC

It really does. But the hand wringing, PC, pajama wearing, cocoa drinking, SJWs can't deal with it. They're calling it racist and alt-right (usatoday.com). Jesus.

pajama boy 

The trailer is fun in that shut-your-brain-off sort of way.

The Left Has Lost Its Funnybone

July 2, 2017 17:58 UTC

Let me preface this by saying I'm not actually sure the left every really had a funnybone.

The POTUS posted a quiet funny meme today. It depicts him body slamming "CNN". It's from an old appearance the President made on WWE in 2007. After the crap that's been going on with Antifa, James Hodgkinson, Kathy Griffin, etc., the left wants to get worked up over this? It's funny! Jeesh!

CNN of course went fully over the top with their statement in response.

It goes on and on and on like this. The media everywhere is freaking out saying that the POTUS is promoting violence against CNN or the media in general. There is no need to link to any of it. Just go to cnn.com, abcnews.com, nytimes.com, washingtonpost.com, or any of the other liberal leaning "news" organizations out there. It's at the same time hilarious to me and somewhat sad -- sad that these organizations are so weak and blinded by their own ideology.

Laughing my #Ossoff

June 21, 2017 12:34 UTC

While I'm definitely not a Kellyanne Conway fan 😏, I do have to admit that this was a pretty good zing.

The Daily Wire has a good run down on the whole GA06 election. I live here and did vote yesterday. I do have to say that regardless of who won, I'm very glad it's over. I'm not sure how much more of the Ossoff or Handel campaign hits, signs, and web and radio ads I could have taken.

$50 million was spent on this campaign. It was the most expensive campaign for a congressional seat ever. That's pretty amazing considering that the GA06 seat is no more special than any of the other 434 seats across America. It might be notable for its previously being occupied by Newt Gingrich, but aside from that it's just a seat.

One note that I thought was interesting. 800 people donated to the Ossoff campagin from Georgia, while 7000+ donated from California. That's insane.

Oscars Street Art

February 27, 2017 18:02 UTC

Sabo delivered some interesting street art poking fun at all "our betters" attending the Oscars. Who cares what a bunch of entertainers think about the world anyway? The media (fake news?) gives them way too much credibility... as do our youth unfortunately.

Oscars street art 

Inaguration Day Street Art

January 21, 2017 15:02 UTC

Sabo has returned with some street art targetting the protests during President Trumps inauguration. Sabo is the LA based artist who is most known to me for this very cool piece on Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz - Sabo

Ted Cruz - Sabo

This latest one is quite appropriate given the content of Trump's inauguration speech.



Donald Trump is Now POTUS

January 20, 2017 17:22 UTC

We now live in a world where Donald Trump is the President of the United States. As many problems as I have with the man, I was very happy to hear his inauguration speech. It was so nice to here someone talk up America and not bash it like the last President did continously.

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The Trolling of All Trollings?

January 11, 2017 13:11 UTC

The PEOTUS, Donald Trump, is owned by the Russians, is a sexual fetishist, and is just generally a nightmare... or at least that's what we're being force fed. Except...

This summary here (pastebin.com) seems to indicate that Rick Wilson, the US intelligence services, and CNN/Buzzfeed/"the media" may have been strongly trolled. I'm not a big fan of the PEOTUS, but he at least deserves a fair shake and some journalistic integrity.

WikiLeaks says (twitter.com) the intelligence report published by Buzzfeed is nothing of the sort. I think of any group, WikiLeaks would know.

Buzzfeed just went with it... like Buzzfeed does. I won't even bother linking to that crap site. CNN wrapped it up (cnn.com) in a bunch of serious sounding "allegations". There is even a video of the previously respected Jake Tapper leading the "unsubstantiated", "unverified", unfair, crap show.

John Nolte over at The Daily Wire, rightly, just trashes the whole "Fake News" game and the complete corruption in much of mainstream journalism.

With a breathless breaking news report, left-wing CNN went first. To no one's surprise, the once-respected Jake Tapper took the lead. Undoubtedly CNN's overall goal was to offer up the imprimatur of "journalism" so that a batch of leaked and completely unsubstantiated anti-Trump documents could be dumped on the American public the night before the President-elect's very first press conference.

This is going to be very trying administration.

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Oh My.. The Ruskies Can Tweet Too!

December 30, 2016 07:42 UTC

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