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Cali's SB 880 Dead

June 8, 2019 15:57 UTC

I lived in California for a decade. It was a love-hate relationship. I loved the outdoors and the 90% chance of excellent weather, but I never really got on with the people and their obsession with ignorance and self-imposed tyranny. To be fair to those in the sane parts of Cali, I mostly lived in Silicon Valley.

When I lived there, the gun laws were pretty draconian. Since I left five years ago, they've OF COURSE gotten even worse. SB 880 (and four other bills) was signed into law by Gov Moonbeam in Jul of 2016. This law effectively outlawed removable magazines from AR and AK style rifles (amongst other things) -- including the bullet bottom loophole. But gun people are a resourceful and innovative bunch.

This is a couple of years old now, but check out this old-is-new-again tech.

The MA Loader from Mean Arms

It's basically a stripper clip in a housing that quickly reloads the fixed magazine via the ejection port. Nice. 19th Century tech beats 21st Century tyranny.

The MA Loader in action.

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Owen Benjamin Knows

February 16, 2019 15:10 UTC

Owen Benjamin can see the world for what it is -- a fallen place full of evil and ignorance. The number of people who are waking up to it is growing... perhaps exponentially. I'm running into more people recently that get it, but not as many as I would like. So many people I know and interact with are just sleep walking through life; chasing the next purchase; chasing the next vacation; chasing the next experience -- all the while completely oblivious to to the fact that they're being lied to constantly.

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SocialGalacitc WAS Here!

February 9, 2019 13:44 UTC


Update: Vox Day decided to kill the project in its current Fediway based incarnation. He'll speak about this in the 11 Feb Devstream (Darkstream).

SocialGalactic is here. Vox Day had been hinting about this for months. I've been on it for about 24 hours and so far my experience has been quite good. It's still beta, so there are some bugs and it can be kind of clunky at times. The mobile experience works, but it's got a ways to go.

I left the legacy social media years ago. I found Minds and Gab, but I eventually left both of them (Gab just last week) as they were turning into echo chambers of the ridiculous, homes for trolls, and just too much Nazi bullshit for this white guy. I'm hopeful the same fate doesn't await #sogal. Vox Day has reiterated a few times that #sogal is NOT a free speech zone. The rules are simple... no shit posting, no trolling, be an adult. These rules are very subjective of course, so we'll see how it goes. I suspect his army of Ilk, DreadIlk, and VFM will help in the policing of things. We should see...

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Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed

October 6, 2018 20:55 UTC

Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to be an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The new rules just won today.

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. 

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POTUS - Getting Stuff Done

April 7, 2018 14:22 UTC

President Trump was not my first choice. I had serious reservations about his commitment to his new found conservative positions and the baggage I suspected he'd be carrying. To be fair, I was likely a victim of the type of false narratives that the MSM and NeverTrumpers were shoving down our throats since he won the primary, but that is just as much my fault as it is theirs. With that said, I am very happy with his performance so far especially considering the soft coup that has been in full effect since his election (coup-1, coup-2, coup-3).

What I think has struck me most, even though I don't agree with all of his moves, is that he's actually getting stuff done! From tax cuts (with which I agree) to tariffs (which I do not), the man is putting work in, sticking to his promises as best he can, and showing results. I hate that he signed the Omnibus monstrosity (Ted Cruz explains why), but there are some rumblings out there that Trump (and the GOP... ha ha... yeah right) may still be playing hardball (1974 Impoundment Act). Time will tell.

The last few days has been a brilliant example of how the Trump administration gets stuff done. They do it in quick, calculated bursts of activity to get in front of some of the narrative shaping by the media. First we have Trump signing the proclamation authorizing the National Guard to the southern border on Wednesday. On Thursday we have nearly 100 illegal aliens arrested in one of the largest ICE round ups in years (notice the headline says only "immigrants" -- narrative shaping). On Friday, POTUS signs a memo ordering an end to "Catch and Release". And finally today we have signs some states are moving on the National Guard.

Boom, boom, and boom. This will resonate with his base while further demonstrate to those would be illegals that it ain't easy anymore.

Getting. Stuff. Done.

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