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Feds Got Busted?

August 21, 2019 16:34 UTC

Did the feds really just get busted with their sock puppets on Twitter?

This is the media attached to that post. Block this account, and it's immediately unblocked. Others tested it with the same results. Now, the account has been deleted. HA!

Douche Bag Protesting Millennial Dads Have Terrible DIY Skills -- That's how ZeroHedge chose to headline their article on an Alarm.com funded poll. It's not that Millennial Dads have shitty DIY skills (I have pretty poor DIY skills myself)... it's that, like with too many things from that generation, they're not even trying. It seems that too many Millennial Men continue to be douche bags even after they've become fathers (the poll was of dads). Or as the article states -- they call the "pros" for the simplest of things.

Only 63% will change a flat tire themselves. 79% of their fathers will.

Only 54% will reset a tripped circuit breaker themselves. 85% of their fathers will.

Only 63% will jump-start a car with a dead battery. 86% of their fathers will.

Only 59% will (can?) open a stuck pickle jar with only their hands. 81% of their fathers will.

And this one... what is wrong these "men"? Only 32% of Millennial men own a fecking hammer. A HAMMER! 93% of their dads do.

I know. In know. "Not all Millennial men", you say. I get it. But what does this say about western culture and the future of manhood in general? Cucks everyone? Are we simply destined for the continued growth of the gamma population?

Come on Gen Z! Pull your heads out before it's too late! There will be a culling. It is inevitable.

Why Women Destroy Nations

January 19, 2019 18:15 UTC

Just leaving this here. It was banned from YouTube months ago. Very important.

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