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Smartphone Addiction... pfft!

April 1, 2018 16:27 UTC

I ran across this piece today in The Guardian (blech). The author starts off by lamenting the fact that he and his family (wife and two kids) find themselves more often than not sat on the couch, each of them staring into their phones. He decides that this is bad and commits to figuring out how to fix it -- at least for himself. Instead of exerting some self-control, he decides to park his smartphone and sort of replaces it with the venerable Nokia 3310 (2017 re-release).

With his new Nokia in hand and its lack of modern distractions, he finds a whole new world where he discovers that he can concentrate on TV shows and books and EVEN HIS KIDS. Sad. This reminds me of a quote.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
-- George Carlin

And that's apparently what we have today... large numbers of zombies on their phones. And it's making them stupid. Of course, with today's culture of blamelessness, it's never the individual's fault. And these large numbers of stupid people are making this blameless view of things acceptable.

  • It's not my fault I can't keep my room clean. I must have some disability.
  • It's not my fault I can't keep a job. I must have ADHD.
  • It's not my fault I'm fat. Damn you McDonald's and Starbucks' Fatty-Double-Chocolate-Triple-Sugary-Syrupy-Creamy-Frappucino-Sauage-Bacon-Bacon-Baconator
  • It's not my fault I can't be an adult, show some spine, and control my smartphone usage (including my kid's usage as well).


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Rant - To "give back"

June 14, 2017 12:41 UTC

Today's over the top use of the phrase give back annoys me. It implies a certain world view typically related to those ideologies of the left. It assumes that the successful in this world somehow owe their success to the unsuccessful; that the wealthy owe the poor for their wealth; that the educated owe the ignorant for their knowledge; that the free in one society somehow owe the oppressed in another.

Disagreeing with this concept or even just questioning its validity or propriety can quickly bring down the wrath of the shrieking drone-class of the default left who often lack the intellectual depth to discuss the topic any further than the periphery. I prefer to use words like charity, generosity, donation, or even the more modern gifting.

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