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Downtown Denver Stinks

April 20, 2019 13:40 UTC

Downtown Denver stinks... literally and figuratively.

I travel to Denver for business multiple times a year. I just got back last night after a four day stay. I never really leave the downtown area as I am pretty boring on the road. I work, go back to my hotel and either read, work on some geeky side project, or watch an Astros game (thank you mlb.com and T-Mobile).

So I don't know Denver the city, just the downtown area in which I stay. I'm sure a lot people will tell me it's a lovely place and I'm sure there are parts that are, but man does downtown remind me so much of San Fran.

If it doesn't smell like piss everywhere you go, it smells like pot. I haven't seen a homeless person shitting in the street yet, but I have seen and smelt evidence of it happening. The homeless aren't as aggressive as I remember those in San Fran being, but they're getting that way.

I was on the 16th Street Mall shuttle one evening, heading to Union Station and the Whole Foods next to it. The missus wanted me to get some local honey for her folks. Cool, but what a trip. I'm pretty sure the dark liquid stains on the floor were someone's spilled coffee from earlier in the day, but I wasn't 100% sure as the bus smelt like piss.

I saw two young, relatively healthy looking white dudes at one stop. They both had the stupid dreadlocks tied up in a knot. They were filthy and I'm sure smelled like shit, but I was on the inside of the piss smelling bus and they were sitting on the street. They had a sign that said they were "Hungry, broke, and traveling." One was eating a big slice of pizza. The other looked pretty out of it. They had a dog and a decent sized bag of kibble. I felt no sympathy for them.

What really makes Denver stink (and most city "downtowns") is the business women. Two got on my bus. They were, like most "successful women" today, in their 30s, slightly overweight, and wearing too much makeup. Both appeared to be single. On top of it, these two wannabe Bathshebas were fully in the tank (they stank of beer) and whining about their male coworkers incessantly. Their language was crude and full of F-bombs. At first I was very embarrassed for them until I realized that no one else really noticed (or cared). They all had their faces in the phones, were lost somewhere in their earbuds, or were even more effed up than these two trollops.

Where have the Good, the Beautiful, and the True gone? It's not in Denver!


Well, Vox is right on time with this.

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