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Things That Go Bump in the Night

July 2, 2017 15:44 UTC

I was lying down with my daughter last night. While she was going to sleep I was reading on my tablet. The room was pitch black as the door was closed and it was a cloudy night. She was hot, so she had turned on her ceiling fan (and she really likes it spinning). I kept hearing little noises that I couldn't place. I got up and turned the light on to investigate. She has a shelf on her wall that also has little knobs on it to hang stuff. She has a bunch of little purse-type bags hanging there. They were swaying in the breeze from the fan. OK. With the source of the noises identified, I went back to reading my tablet.

Or was that it?

I kept hearing those little noises, but they just didn't match up with what I thought it was. So I grabbed my phone and shined its "flashlight" across the room. Nothing... wait... What is that?!?!?

I'm not sure, but I believe this is a female rhinoceros beetle. These types of beetle are very popular in Japan (kabutomushi) with the kids. My teenager, who spent the first 5 years of her life there, seemed to have forgotten how much fun she used to have with them as she screamed her ever-loving head off. Uugh.

We had a laugh and little play time with the guy and then let him or her free in the back yard. A fun little end to a relatively boring Saturday.

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