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The Mythical Lefty Softball Glove

January 5, 2017 17:24 UTC

My youngest daughter plays softball. Last season everything started to click and it became something serious for her -- so serious in fact she now likes (and wants to continue) catching. With all this new found seriousness, she wants to play up and/or play travel ball. And if she's going to do that, she needs a new glove (really because she's outgrown the one she has).

While she bats righty, she does throw lefty and this means we're on the hunt. The lefty softball glove is apparently a thing of mystery... a myth... a story told to young aspiring softball players to scare them into becoming a righty regardless of their being right brained. We have found them online, but buying a glove you've never tried on is not the best of ideas. So, the hunt continues today.

We're about to embark on what will likely turn into a 3-4 hour round trip. We're headed to a place that has, with eyes-on while I was on the phone, "loads" of 10-12 inch lefty softball gloves on their wall RIGHT NOW. So before word of this incredible find gets out and all the lefty softball players in the area rush the joint, we're off!

Update: A glove was captured, gentled, and added to the stable of sporting equipment. Popeye's was good too.

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