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Cali's SB 880 Dead

June 8, 2019 15:57 UTC

I lived in California for a decade. It was a love-hate relationship. I loved the outdoors and the 90% chance of excellent weather, but I never really got on with the people and their obsession with ignorance and self-imposed tyranny. To be fair to those in the sane parts of Cali, I mostly lived in Silicon Valley.

When I lived there, the gun laws were pretty draconian. Since I left five years ago, they've OF COURSE gotten even worse. SB 880 (and four other bills) was signed into law by Gov Moonbeam in Jul of 2016. This law effectively outlawed removable magazines from AR and AK style rifles (amongst other things) -- including the bullet bottom loophole. But gun people are a resourceful and innovative bunch.

This is a couple of years old now, but check out this old-is-new-again tech.

The MA Loader from Mean Arms

It's basically a stripper clip in a housing that quickly reloads the fixed magazine via the ejection port. Nice. 19th Century tech beats 21st Century tyranny.

The MA Loader in action.

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