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May 26, 2018 15:55 UTC

I have been following Tommy Robinson for a number of years, but not very closely. I had a passing understating of what he was doing and what he was up against, but only recently did I realize just how tyrannical the police state in the UK had become. It's truly shocking. I spent a fair amount of time in the UK and have some very good friends there. I wonder how aware they are of the depths of this considering the latest UK blackout of everything Tommy Robinson.

Listen to Tommy -- in his own words -- explain what has happened to him and his family over the last several years as he's fought to speak about the Islamic problem in the UK and Europe in general. Keep in mind, this interview is being conduct by independent journalist Brittany Pettibone, who herself just experienced the UK police tactics up close and personal (it's why this interview takes place in Vienna).

OK... so you can just call Tommy a liar and discount everything relayed in that video and just assume every hit piece (like this one) ever written about him is spot on. Or assume JUST HALF of it is true. JUST HALF. JUST HALF should send shivers down the spine of anyone with even a passing appreciation for freedom.

I started looking in to Tommy Robinson a bit more over the last 24 hours because he was arrested again -- this time for the HORRIBLE DISGUSTING ABHORRENT crime of simply reporting on an Islamic grooming trial (that's the religiously motivated raping of girls and boys by Muslims). And now his arrest is being memory-holed across the internet.


Check out this list on Google News. Stories on Tommy Robinson's arrest still show up in the results, but so many of them are now gone -- memory-holed to the land of 403s. Even Brietbart, which has a London branch, has had to send the story down the memory-hole due to pressure from the UK government. Their story still shows up on general web search results.

Memory-holed at Breitbart 

Of course clicking on it now takes you to Breitbart's 403 page that contains a list of "related" pages that still do exist (just not on this current arrest).

Memory-holed at Breitbart 

Only in the US does freedom of speech truly exist (even though it's under attack every day). The 1st Amendment guarantees that, while the 2nd Amendment gives it teeth. No where else on the planet does the founding documents of a country guarantee a freedom while also enshrining the right to protect said freedom. The UK and large swaths of Europe are sliding quickly into a tyrannical mess. If we Americans are not vigilant, the US could easily follow.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. - Thomas Jefferson

Don't remain silent!

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