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Laughing my #Ossoff

June 21, 2017 12:34 UTC

While I'm definitely not a Kellyanne Conway fan 😏, I do have to admit that this was a pretty good zing.

The Daily Wire has a good run down on the whole GA06 election. I live here and did vote yesterday. I do have to say that regardless of who won, I'm very glad it's over. I'm not sure how much more of the Ossoff or Handel campaign hits, signs, and web and radio ads I could have taken.

$50 million was spent on this campaign. It was the most expensive campaign for a congressional seat ever. That's pretty amazing considering that the GA06 seat is no more special than any of the other 434 seats across America. It might be notable for its previously being occupied by Newt Gingrich, but aside from that it's just a seat.

One note that I thought was interesting. 800 people donated to the Ossoff campagin from Georgia, while 7000+ donated from California. That's insane.

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