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California Insanity

January 19, 2018 04:52 UTC

Cali AG 

This is the California Attorney General. He effectively warned all California based businesses that if they cooperate with the Federal Government with regards to ICE deportations (he claimed "privacy") that they could be subject to legal action against them from the state. So it's now illegal in the State of California to follow federal law.

This is insanity. The leftist argued and were backed by the SCOTUS that matters of immigration are exclusive to the FEDERAL government (see Arizona). Now that that federal government is implementing the law, it's now a state issue. This is pure lawlessness and very dangerous. A state is effectively nullifying federal law. This can lead to very very bad things.

‘We will prosecute’ employers who help immigration sweeps, California AG says

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You May Be Cool

January 15, 2018 20:11 UTC

Jason Everman Cool 

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Spectre and Meltdown

January 15, 2018 14:58 UTC

Spectre! Meltdown! Ahhhhhhh!

That's the reaction by the media every time they decide something should be a story. Sometimes a vulnerability or new attack vector should be huge news, but whatever "sex appeal" the media is looking for isn't there, so little coverage is given. This time it's sexy and serious. Regardless of the hype, when a new security event occurs, I always look forward to hearing what Bruce Schneier has to say about it. He's always a voice of reason in a world full of shitty soundbites and opportunistic advertising. And this time...

"Throw it away and buy a new one" is ridiculous security advice, but it's what US-CERT recommends. It is also unworkable. The problem is that there isn't anything to buy that isn't vulnerable. Pretty much every major processor made in the past 20 years is vulnerable to some flavor of these vulnerabilities. Patching against Meltdown can degrade performance by almost a third. And there's no patch for Spectre; the microprocessors have to be redesigned to prevent the attack, and that will take years.

Yeah... it is pretty serious. And Schneier sees this as a sort of Pandora's box being opened. Now that microprocessor based vulnerabilities have some attention, a focus shift will likely occur making 2018 ". . .the year of microprocessor vulnerabilities, and it's going to be a wild ride." Yay.

Spectre and Meltdown Attacks Against Microprocessors

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SJW-ism Is Killing Star Wars

December 30, 2017 14:21 UTC

I was never a huge fan of Star Wars, but I've always enjoyed the movies. I was a 70s and 80s kid and sure, like most boys from that era, I so very much wanted to be Luke (Mother Effing) Skywalker. But around the time I discovered girls, Star Wars became just another bunch of movies. But today, it seems things are very different. "Just a bunch of movies" doesn't seem to happen anymore. They all need to have a broader message for society... or some such poppycock.

I ran across this thread on Reddit discussing how the latest installment of this franchise has been completely wrecked by feminist/SJW garbage. Given that I happen to like my ass-kicking heroic protagonists to be male, I particularly liked this exchange. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS... I've not seen the movie nor plan to so I don't care.)

ScalierLemon1 doesn't appear to agree with the presupposed observation of the thread.

"SJW cringefest?" I like to think of myself as someone who can see SJW influence in media, but I didn't see any of that when I saw the movie.

Gregorian_Tree is having none of it.

You didn't notice that this rebellion was the first military action you've ever seen where half the soldiers and pilots are female? That the entire leadership cabal was nuked when the bridge was destroyed and they just upjumped a purple haired ship captain to Vice-Admiral and made her commander of the fleet? Where time and time and time again male characters were caught doing something stupid and chastised by female characters? All the diversity insertions? The ongoing Mary Sue we call Rey? The little convo that Holdo and Leia have over a mutineer, where they think he's an idiot and yet they still love him ... good Christ, that dialogue could have been lifted from any of the innumerable sexist sit coms in the last 30 years.

Come on, man, that Mary Sue is a doozy. Rey, who was a junk collector on a desert planet only a few months ago, and who has no training whatsoever, is lecturing and hectoring Luke Motherfucking Skywalker, who has done it all before, including taking down the Empire, as if he's some kid that needs some sense knocked into him? It's like she's trying to convince a toddler to do the right thing, and not the man who redeemed Vader and defeated the Emperor.

Ugh, this was a SJW love fest.

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Ambassador Haley Drops the Mic

December 22, 2017 16:34 UTC

Nikki Haley is turning out to be one of President Trump's best picks for his administration. She's been a strong force for his America First Agenda in the UN (a baller... an OG... pick you're "cooler" phrase). Here she is straight up threatening the world with pulling our sugar daddy money. Right on Ambassador Haley! Right on!

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Star Wars... yawn

December 17, 2017 21:52 UTC

Star Wars again 

Probably a good reason why I have zero interesting in seeing this. I had forgotten it was even coming out. Yawn.

Funny how so many movies seem to be loved by the critics, but panned by the people.

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An Unexpected Drive Home

December 8, 2017 19:49 UTC

I was not expecting to drive home today as early as I did or in these conditions. Snowman time!

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How I Feel

November 29, 2017 13:15 UTC

This is exactly right.

How I Feel When I Fix Something 

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It's So Unpresidential!

November 22, 2017 13:18 UTC

POTUS blasted LaVar Ball today... and rightfully so. LaVar Ball is an ass and deserved to be called a fool. What I don't understand though is all the hand-wringing by "the enlightened" about this being unpresidential and taking up too much of POTUS's valuable time.

Please. He spent all of 90 seconds at 5:30am smacking this ungrateful A-hole down. Not only does it seem presidential to me, it's quite efficient.

Some are even saying it's racist what he said (because he called a BLACK MAN A FOOL). Whatever.

Donald Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to Twitter -- and Twitter knows it.

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