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You're Doing Great Kid

November 16, 2019 15:55 UTC

Just finished watching Owen Benjamin's You're Doing Great Kid Special. It's very very funny. It's available for members of unauthorized.tv and also available for purchase at Arkhaven.

You're Doing Great Kid

You're Doing Great Kid

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Feds Got Busted?

August 21, 2019 16:34 UTC

Did the feds really just get busted with their sock puppets on Twitter?

This is the media attached to that post. Block this account, and it's immediately unblocked. Others tested it with the same results. Now, the account has been deleted. HA!

More Silicon Valley Censorship

June 12, 2019 04:47 UTC

This time it's Pinterest -- something I've never used nor cared about (I don't get the point...).

Tech Insider Blows Whistle (projectveritas.com)

It's just another example of yet another company editorializing while under the protection of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. In this case, searching for "Christian" is hobbled; Christian related phrases are blacklisted; the Planned Parenthood Undercover videos are marked "harmful"; and the list goes on.

Part of me wants to see the status be changed for these social media companies so that they're no longer protected under 230. The lawsuits would be glorious. However, I also agree with the mantra that Vox Day has been on recently.

Build     your     own     platform.

I did. I built my own crappy blog engine.


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Douche Bag Protesting Millennial Dads Have Terrible DIY Skills -- That's how ZeroHedge chose to headline their article on an Alarm.com funded poll. It's not that Millennial Dads have shitty DIY skills (I have pretty poor DIY skills myself)... it's that, like with too many things from that generation, they're not even trying. It seems that too many Millennial Men continue to be douche bags even after they've become fathers (the poll was of dads). Or as the article states -- they call the "pros" for the simplest of things.

Only 63% will change a flat tire themselves. 79% of their fathers will.

Only 54% will reset a tripped circuit breaker themselves. 85% of their fathers will.

Only 63% will jump-start a car with a dead battery. 86% of their fathers will.

Only 59% will (can?) open a stuck pickle jar with only their hands. 81% of their fathers will.

And this one... what is wrong these "men"? Only 32% of Millennial men own a fecking hammer. A HAMMER! 93% of their dads do.

I know. In know. "Not all Millennial men", you say. I get it. But what does this say about western culture and the future of manhood in general? Cucks everyone? Are we simply destined for the continued growth of the gamma population?

Come on Gen Z! Pull your heads out before it's too late! There will be a culling. It is inevitable.

They Spawn All The Units

June 9, 2019 12:59 UTC

I across a very funny comment about the role of women in combat.

Females have a very important combat function. They spawn all the units.

It was followed up with the following.

They also convert enemy units.

As playful as these comments may be, there is an underlying truth here. Logos.

Update: This reminds me of a very interesting video Black Pigeon Speaks did a while back. It was banned from YouTube (of course), so I have it up on the blog for safe keeping.

Check him out at blackpigeonspeaks.com.

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This is pretty gross. Peter Bright, a relatively prominent author over at Ars Technica, has been arrested for pedophilia (legalese: Attempted Enticement of a Minor to Engage in Illegal Sexual Activity). The chat over at Vox Popolis is pretty interesting. Pizzagate?

Here is a sample of the evil from the deposition.

UC-1: When you last teach a little girl?
UC-1: I don't want just anyone teaching them
BRIGHT: I have a girl I've been teaching off and on for a couple of months now. But she's in the Bronx, which makes the logistics much harder.
UC-1: As old as my princess?
BRIGHT: A bit older, 11.
UC-1: Ah ok... a little bit
UC-1: What are you good at teaching?
UC-1: We have started the basics with [the Girl]
BRIGHT: I think masturbation and anal sex are probably my favourite subjects.
BRIGHT: Helping girls find those special places to touch, it's very rewarding.

I know... innocent until proven guilty, but this seems pretty damning. Sick bastard!

Update: It seems there are a few interesting new comments on Bright's last Ars Technica article. Also, check out this diversity, safe space, equality nonsense piece by the newly outed pedo. I know he's only covering a piece by the head Xbox exec, but man it's a strange coincidence that would be one of the last articles he wrote before getting busted.

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Cali's SB 880 Dead

June 8, 2019 15:57 UTC

I lived in California for a decade. It was a love-hate relationship. I loved the outdoors and the 90% chance of excellent weather, but I never really got on with the people and their obsession with ignorance and self-imposed tyranny. To be fair to those in the sane parts of Cali, I mostly lived in Silicon Valley.

When I lived there, the gun laws were pretty draconian. Since I left five years ago, they've OF COURSE gotten even worse. SB 880 (and four other bills) was signed into law by Gov Moonbeam in Jul of 2016. This law effectively outlawed removable magazines from AR and AK style rifles (amongst other things) -- including the bullet bottom loophole. But gun people are a resourceful and innovative bunch.

This is a couple of years old now, but check out this old-is-new-again tech.

The MA Loader from Mean Arms

It's basically a stripper clip in a housing that quickly reloads the fixed magazine via the ejection port. Nice. 19th Century tech beats 21st Century tyranny.

The MA Loader in action.

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Downtown Denver Stinks

April 20, 2019 13:40 UTC

Downtown Denver stinks... literally and figuratively.

I travel to Denver for business multiple times a year. I just got back last night after a four day stay. I never really leave the downtown area as I am pretty boring on the road. I work, go back to my hotel and either read, work on some geeky side project, or watch an Astros game (thank you mlb.com and T-Mobile).

So I don't know Denver the city, just the downtown area in which I stay. I'm sure a lot people will tell me it's a lovely place and I'm sure there are parts that are, but man does downtown remind me so much of San Fran.

If it doesn't smell like piss everywhere you go, it smells like pot. I haven't seen a homeless person shitting in the street yet, but I have seen and smelt evidence of it happening. The homeless aren't as aggressive as I remember those in San Fran being, but they're getting that way.

I was on the 16th Street Mall shuttle one evening, heading to Union Station and the Whole Foods next to it. The missus wanted me to get some local honey for her folks. Cool, but what a trip. I'm pretty sure the dark liquid stains on the floor were someone's spilled coffee from earlier in the day, but I wasn't 100% sure as the bus smelt like piss.

I saw two young, relatively healthy looking white dudes at one stop. They both had the stupid dreadlocks tied up in a knot. They were filthy and I'm sure smelled like shit, but I was on the inside of the piss smelling bus and they were sitting on the street. They had a sign that said they were "Hungry, broke, and traveling." One was eating a big slice of pizza. The other looked pretty out of it. They had a dog and a decent sized bag of kibble. I felt no sympathy for them.

What really makes Denver stink (and most city "downtowns") is the business women. Two got on my bus. They were, like most "successful women" today, in their 30s, slightly overweight, and wearing too much makeup. Both appeared to be single. On top of it, these two wannabe Bathshebas were fully in the tank (they stank of beer) and whining about their male coworkers incessantly. Their language was crude and full of F-bombs. At first I was very embarrassed for them until I realized that no one else really noticed (or cared). They all had their faces in the phones, were lost somewhere in their earbuds, or were even more effed up than these two trollops.

Where have the Good, the Beautiful, and the True gone? It's not in Denver!


Well, Vox is right on time with this.

The Filthy Pigs of San Francisco

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Owen Benjamin Knows

February 16, 2019 15:10 UTC

Owen Benjamin can see the world for what it is -- a fallen place full of evil and ignorance. The number of people who are waking up to it is growing... perhaps exponentially. I'm running into more people recently that get it, but not as many as I would like. So many people I know and interact with are just sleep walking through life; chasing the next purchase; chasing the next vacation; chasing the next experience -- all the while completely oblivious to to the fact that they're being lied to constantly.

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SocialGalacitc WAS Here!

February 9, 2019 13:44 UTC


Update: Vox Day decided to kill the project in its current Fediway based incarnation. He'll speak about this in the 11 Feb Devstream (Darkstream).

SocialGalactic is here. Vox Day had been hinting about this for months. I've been on it for about 24 hours and so far my experience has been quite good. It's still beta, so there are some bugs and it can be kind of clunky at times. The mobile experience works, but it's got a ways to go.

I left the legacy social media years ago. I found Minds and Gab, but I eventually left both of them (Gab just last week) as they were turning into echo chambers of the ridiculous, homes for trolls, and just too much Nazi bullshit for this white guy. I'm hopeful the same fate doesn't await #sogal. Vox Day has reiterated a few times that #sogal is NOT a free speech zone. The rules are simple... no shit posting, no trolling, be an adult. These rules are very subjective of course, so we'll see how it goes. I suspect his army of Ilk, DreadIlk, and VFM will help in the policing of things. We should see...

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